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RISE Certified Coach

Advance your career and love your life with your own RISE Student Coaching business! 

Enjoy autonomy, flexibility, and help students thrive! 

Work full time or part time and bring in the income you desire! 

RISE Certified Coach

Welcome to the "RISE Certified Coach" training page, where your passion for empowering conservative students, supporting parents, and creating entrepreneurial opportunities can become a reality.


Our program allows you to work on your terms, offering flexibility to design your schedule. Be the change you want to see in the world as you join a community of like-minded individuals.


Our comprehensive training equips you to host national retreats, contribute to a family's success, and tailor curriculum to meet the unique needs of your clients.


It's not just a training; it's a journey towards a fulfilling career and a better future. Join us today and transform your aspirations into a vibrant and impactful reality.

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Image by Joel Mott

RISE Certification Training 

Rise Certified Coach  (Tier One)

  • 1-1 Coaching with parents and students

  • Lead Zoom Student Cohort Meetings

  • Lead Zoom Parent Meetings

  • Tailor and Personalize "5 Pillars" Curriculum

  • Develop Rubric And Development Activities

  • Serve as Referral Resource 

  • Communicate With Clients Via App, Phone, Zoom

RISE Certified Instructor. (Tier Two)

  • ​Recruit, Mentor and Teach RISE Coaches

  • Host National Retreats

  • Administer Business Tools & Trainings

  • Build Leadership Skills

  • Lead Team Zoom Meetings

  • Manage Coach Progress 

RISE Certified Partner. (Tier Three)

  • Develop Growth Strategies

  • Create Curriculum

  • Participate in Promotional and Media Events

  • Create Training & App Content

  • Design Coaching Courses

  • Mentor RISE Instructors

  • Contribution to Management, Operations, Marketing, and Finance

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