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RISE Student Coaching Program

Speak Your Truth With Confidence!


Building The FIVE Pillars Of Transition Necessary For Conservative StudentsTo Thrive During Their College Experience.  


You’ll be connected with other conservative students and find support and advocacy through 1-1 coaching sessions.  Coaching builds the skills necessary to successfully navigate the complex liberal culture on campuses today.


You’ll be walked through 12 weeks/semester of weekly 1-1 coaching.  

Progressing through a framework of developmental stages, you'll master autonomy of thought and confidence in your communication.   Consistent weekly progress will focus on Assessments, Relationship Building, Goal Setting, and Specific Interventions. I will lead you along a path toward personal steadfast strength and  the ability to remain composed, connected, and confident in the face of adversity.  


What you’ll get:


  • RISE App - Resources At Your Fingertips

  • Pre & Post Program Evaluations

  • Individual Coaching Program Plan

  • Weekly 30 minute 1-1 Zoom Coaching Sessions

  • Email and FaceTime Support

  • Scheduled Weekly Group Zoom Calls

  • Social Media Private Group For 24/7 Peer Support

  • Supporting Resources and Tools

  • Two Monthly Follow Up Accountability Calls (Summer)

  • 1 Introductory Goal Setting Meeting With Parent and Student

  • 2 Parent Follow-Up 1-1 Meetings

  • Monthly Group Parent Meetings (Academic Year)

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